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Project Description

Very High Data rate Wireless Home Area Network concept based
on an optical distribution infrastructure and radio over fibre.
Teldot Context

The drastic increase of the internet traffic requires the development of high bandwidth high bit rate optical networks.

Teldot Objectives

to fully exploit all the potential of Quantum Dot (QD) based Mode-Locked Lasers (MLLs) as novel laser sources offering cost-effective solutions for access and metro networks.
Teldot objectives details:
  • Development of low noise:
    • QD based MLLs for multi-wavelength (16-32 channels) comb generation at 1.3 Ám and 1.55 Ám compatible with 10 Gbit/s transmission.
    • 60 GHz QDot based Mode-locked lasers for novel, radio over fiber (wireless systems). This implies specific QD material engineering and optimization to achieve a highly sufficient modal gain together with broad optical emission spectrum that can accommodate over 16 ITU channels, 100 GHz spaced.
    For the second application, a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) consisting of MLL, Bragg grating and optical amplifier will be developed for increased functionality and performances.

  • Implementation of these novel sources in test-beds at the telecom partner (FT-Orange) and academic ones:
    • Fiber To The Home: WDM passive optical networks and metro networks using comb-generators
    • Radio over fiber at multigigabit signals (1-10 Gbps)

 Teldot Structure
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